Sonnet III: Family

At last! the Rain! who triumphs as She falls
To tame the Wood who drinks Her as She calls
His name. Insatiable tonight, this Rain
Who nourishes His great and wooden halls.

So long, so passionate, this sweet affair;
Young Forest; sweet, His Rain; discrete, Their care;
Adorns She this, His stature and His strength,
His fingers, leafy, brush Her streaming hair.

When first I saw Them courting through the night,
Her tempest, brazen, teased His leaves to flight;
And coy, Her tear-drops mingled with His dew;
So sparkled He, as She, with joy and light.

Though Earth were His, and Sky were Her domain;
Her squalls prepare and then delight, at length,
This bassinet wherein Their Children grew.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


4 responses to “Sonnet III: Family

  1. I love this. I love the story of it and the way you tell it. The promise of the tale.

    It reminds me a little bit of the story of the Ocean Gypsy – but without the death part…heh.
    It would make a beautiful children’s book.
    Remember how “A” ate up The Lady of Shalot when she was a tot? She would have loved this for the beauty of the words in just the same way – um, of course, without the death part. We would have been seen as much more normal parents had there been a little less death in the poetry she loved. Not all of it was death tho. There was The Highwayman. Oh, wait….


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