4 Square Rural

One always wonders how people find each other in cyberspace. My art–such as it is, published or not, is quite not abstract, one wonders how one gets from there to… well…. here…. I remember having written and created all manner of abstractish things when very young. Perhaps it is my natural oppositional nature. Everyone, after all, since 1014 has been heading in that direction with a few notable exceptions–and there is, of course a bit of a revival of such things these days.

But really, I’m just musing with no direction in particular. It’s just the way my mind tends to whirr along. Thanks for the visit.

Art by Ken

9×12 in mixed media. As simple as this piece seems to be, it was fairly complex in execution. Lost track of the layers but beneath each square of color I started out very vivid and bright. I really love how the textures allowed some of the full richness of the under lying colors to show. I did have to knock down some of the peaks though to get a more uniformed look. The full body white lines in some areas show well too. Unfortunately this piece can only get full appreciation in person, as the photo can’t capture the subtle tones. This was a follow-up to “Neutrons and Fertilizer,” only taking the tones the opposite direction in values.It kind of gives a wintery feel, although I have seen colors this muted from above when you get a lot of sun reflection in spring time. You have to work at seeing the signature as I didn’t want…

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