It is quite a mystery how…


While fascination, holding me aloft,
Contrived to make all people witness this
One miracle, its secrets introduce.

Causes “Zemanta” to produce the following tags:

Twitter, Havas, Raytheon, Great Commet, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Hotel, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama

Will wonders never cease?

We help each other with…

…likes. The fact is, sometimes we just click “like.” It does not actually mean we ‘like.’ It does not mean we actually have read. Still, it does mean something. We do this. We perform this action for each other–fellow bloggers. We do this, in part, because we hope that our blogger friends–as well, we hope that we–through the long chain of bloggers connected to other bloggers, will be connected with those who will appreciate their special brand of comment or insight.

Regardless of our art or position or our views on anything in particular, we seem to care for one another in our quest to be heard by those who would appreciate our work, or comments, or views. At least at this low level of notice, none of us seem to be concerned with whether or not we understand or relate to a message. We seem all to be friends regardless. On this day, which is a day of thanks in the United States, it seems appropriate.