We Want Non-Fish Sushi

In such cases, does one not wrap a piece of tofu and a few bean sprouts in a jacket of rice and seaweed, and douse it, ever so slightly with urine? Having been a server the better part of a century ago, I seem to recall that was the perfect solution. “Win-win,” as I believe the saying goes.

Silent sound

This is a most beautiful piece. You do such free verse very nicely. Inspiring to me. I love the spare feel. Particularly because when one is outside–among nature, as it were, one feels so small–so vulnerable.  Yet, on the one hand, so much beauty surrounds us; on the other hand, it can harm, or even kill us. Part of nature’s charm is in its danger, and it is, I believe a good part of why we feel so satisfied when we tame a small portion of it.

Björn Rudbergs writings

Into the fog
The many shades of grey
As nature lost the colors normally
It has
The goal
We know so well looks different
The sounds so silently
We talk not loud
August 28, 2012

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