Twitter and Facebook links being recalcitrant:

This is one of those things, I suppose.  The things they warn you about.  Periodically one will have to renew ones ‘publicise’ links or else they will stop working.  So I hope I have done so now.   This is what I get for not maintaining my facebook page nor posting any fresh twitter links save the automatic ones.

4 responses to “Twitter and Facebook links being recalcitrant:

    • I honestly don’t use them at all. Once in a great while I will post something directly to one or the other. Really though, I simply signed up for them to experiment with the “publicize” feature of The function, if such it can truly be called, seems to be very sporadic. Particularly when I repost something. I have found refreshing the connexions between the services seems to help–sometimes.

      Sometimes they will behave themselves for months and then mysteriously stop working. Usually refreshing/recreating the permissions fixes everything–unless wordpress pushed out a patch that breaks the functionality–as often has happened in the last year or so.


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