The War Comes! | Home of The Poetess

Careful what you touch…
There are truthfully demons there!

I watched the amassing!
War has come!
Tis the ‘Great Day’ before us.

This war,
Is not ours.
We are silent in reverence…

I stepped backward
As forces flew forward…
Swords drawn
Blood splattered in great howls
Like thunder
I shuttered to the ground

Before my eyes
I saw the creatures that had remained
Wrapped in visions of light
Fangs twisting in anger
Tongues flicking

I heard squeals from the lips of those
Who did not believe
As if shocked these creatures
Had inhabited here
all along
Some of us had known

My ears became deaf from the noise of it
My eyes saw terror
But my heart held fast
A sliver of hope,

Fire fell
Smoke plumed
The ground cracked wide fissures
I clung ever more
To hope.

My eyes would not close
Not a blink.
Every dark creature fell
In a instant!

was now all there was
for my ears to hear.

The smoke wafted away
In a fast sudden breeze.
The ground heaved back to a sealed haven of peace.
Every burnt thing blossomed.

Home was
Home was
The chariots of the riders from beyond stood still,
As glory fell from above.

And what was this?
My knees still remained?
My eyes Unburnt?
My toes in the grass?
My lungs breathing?
The sliver of hope became a mountain.

I knelt,
And like all around
We said a roaring Thanks!
That stood
An Eternity.

We were all,
Finally Free.

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