Can’tact me:

Of late, I find myself contemplating leaving the comment section of this blog “wide open,” i.e. deigning not to require logins or even unique UIDs. Would anyone like to weigh in on this matter?

In addition, I have recently added a contact page; although wordpress is still the best way to get in touch with me. I check my email approximately once a month unless I am specifically expecting an email from someone, or for some reason. I have therefore listed such contact information in descending order of effectiveness. I have never, for example, even run a skype client under my publicly known name; and wordpress does not allow active skype URIs in any event. However, in the event that someone is feeling very, very lucky and happens to catch me in an especially amiable mood, I offer up my skype ID in the event that said individual should wish to dial me over and over until his fingers bleed.”

On an unrelated note, I believe the next pay service I may buy on wordpress by way of celebration of some goal achieved will be the “No Ad” service. Even though such ads are only presented on individual posts and only to logged-out users; still, unpredictable content rankles my aesthetic sense–such as it is.