Sonnet VI: Violets

‘Til noon, before these Violets lovely stir
With bloom that splendour morning’s promised awe;
Too soon, I made my contract, drunk on her
Perfume, and swore this compact as my law;

And strewn for all, to savour all the more,
Presume this Moonlight-sweet enthralment were
Immune to circumstance; that here, before
The gloom,  ill-fortune shan’t to these occur.

From Moon unto Aspasia, then, I go,
Subsumed by Columbine ’til Dawn’s deplore,
Marooned and Wild; to Corsican I know,
Entombed this fivefold Covenant I swore;

And prune such flaws, assuming naught will show;
Festooned and drawn: my doom from long ago.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

12 responses to “Sonnet VI: Violets

    • Hello Bjorn! Thank you, All references to Violets. Five petalled flowers. Metaphors for sonnets (along with the five-footed beast, of which I sometimes make mention)

      I have been remiss in my reading (as well as my writing) as I have been preparing for a long trip. I do not travel often and the whole affair has me more than a little rattled. This sonnet is my result of “pushing through,” and/or “moving against resistance.” As is typical for me, however, I chose a more technically difficult piece to “ease” myself back into things!


  1. I am so glad to hear you are just rattled and not feeling badly. I’ve missed your beautiful words. Y’all take care and come back soon! I think it is time for the Great Bard (not the one from Stratford-on-Avon) to take a tour, see some different things, and collect more images for our delight.


    • Thank you for this lovely thought; however it is with deep regret that I must inform you that I do not accept nominations or awards of any kind. However I cannot express how deeply touched I am when anyone thinks of me in this way. Particularly you. I am truly humbled by this gesture, as much as I am chagrined by the necessity I feel that I must decline such a gesture.

      In any case, that you read my humble writings and delight me with yours–as well, your sweet spirit–is all the reward for which I could ever ask; and certainly all I could ever desire.


    • I had a feeling about this, but I wanted you to know that you have provided me with some of my Best Moments. Many people do decline. I’ll have these posted and from now on, I’ll do as one amazing man does, after he has a few, he’ll email various people and tell them to pick one for themselves, as if they were flowers! I like that and am going to carry on the thought.


    • That sounds like a lovely idea.

      The subject of awards as well as rings and magazine sites/publications has been a heartfelt issue from the start of this endeavour. I however did not fully anticipate how many individuals (as opposed to foundations, rings, associations, magazines, &c.) would wish to show appreciation in this way. This has caused me no small amount of concern for any number of reasons; not the least of which is the fact that although I simply do not wish to participate in any form of literary orthodoxy, I also do not wish to show disrespect for individual appreciation.

      My position regarding orthodoxy of every level is such that I would not accept any kind of award–this includes those considered to be prestigious and even those which come with cash awards of any type. (Not that I think I will ever gain that sort of attention : ) still, my feelings on such matters are most…. Well… one cannot I think, witness what has happened in in the humanities since marx or at least, perhaps since 1914 and then with “the other side of ones mouth,” so to speak, court such orthodoxy–if such it can truly be called.

      I can, of course (!) explain all this in much more detail if, for example, your eyes are not yet glazing over.

      In any case, thank you for your sweet sentiments. I do appreciate them.


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