Another Example of Embedded Haiku

Whatever Thy Perfection Doth Require

I close my longing eyes; envisage thee;
Reflection manifesting not mine hands;

Imprisoned lightning, countenanced with fire;
Shot through, withal, mine every wish commands’.
Extremity, thy tapered waist’s degree;

Impossible perhaps, if not sublime;
And yet, sublime, thy perfect form–admire
This hourglass, although confoundeth time.

Nor could reflected shadowing foresee
Such helplessness within, as now I feel;
Restrained, regarding mine embraced desire

Ensnaring; captor, caught without appeal;
This weal of metaphor thy warder barred;
Imprisonment inspired such a guard.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


Here is another take on embedded haiku. The title comprises the first line. However in this example a tercet rhymescheme was not used. More information can be found here:

10 responses to “Another Example of Embedded Haiku

  1. Another one to read whilst sipping coffee and then read again while sipping green and then again, with a thimble of sunlight sake…strong passionate aroma of coffee lulling me to peaceful meditation with fragrance of green tea and fulfillment of being breathing in the romance of apples, melon, sunlight. a good day.


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