Part 2: (freeverse)

It is probably
apparent that I did not
write the words in the

previous form; however it seems appropriate to show what happens when there is no effort at all toward the form itself.  So…

Presenting these words as freeverse what should I do?  First let’s try some line breaks.  We’re not sure at this point whether we have one long sentence or not, but let’s assume this for now.  The words seem to form a question so I will add a capital at the front and a question mark at the back, and try some line breaks.

But this will show that while we have something that now looks “poetic,” the form as such does little to clarify the meaning of  the words, or give us a clue as to how we might read them aloud.  Still it shows us something:  Namely that we can make it look more presentable without changing much in our experience of the words themselves.

I have chosen to use a fourteen line form because we are headed in that direction at some point.  I have even broken up the lines to make them easy to count–as though they were a Shakespearean sonnet.  Does it help?

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