Sonnet IV: I Know

My love will come to me from far away
So every minute closer to this day
Will pass me like an hour or a year
But God I count them down from tear to tear

And write my silly words I may not show
Where driven by my faithful car I go
And faster than the wind to him we skim
But God I wish that I could write like him

If you could see the lovely things he writes
Excites and then ignites and then delights
And if you read them then your tears would fall
But God I really get to read them all

I know it as I skim the cytochrome
He came across the stars to bring me home

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


12 responses to “Sonnet IV: I Know

    • It is better in the context in which you now understand it. Still I will, in the next day or so, be doing something with lyrical couplets and gradual shifting toward a more rigid form. I am interested in exploring the progression from one to the other. You will see. It will be interesting to attempt. A course of sorts. Or, perhaps, the “gateway drug” to sonnet form, so to speak.


    • I’m not sure how it will go, as of yet. I’m not sure if I should pick a specific theme for it. or a single poem which evolves from one to another. Either way would be fasccinating. Perhaps a proper “course” such as this, should do both?


    • Succinctly Said : )

      Thank you, but I must confess I am rather writing as a character here than as myself. As such, I find this one to be a bit embarrassing to publish.

      I strove for simplicity here, childlike, young girlish “puppy love” (which may well have blossomed into real love–if not into inspired poetry.) Imagine it as an answer to the previous sonnet which I shall here link:


      And, of course in this as in its predecessor, you will find a science-fiction theme as well.

      Sanguinely sappy?


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