Sonnet I: The Beat of the Drum

I’ll answer every call, Though I know I
Might die quickly; yet answer will I still.
While knowing I could fall, and although I
Might be sickly; yet answer them I will.

Even if I am alone, I’ll answer
With conviction; nor even hesitate.
‘Til our tyrants’ overthrown, no plans or
Dereliction, will keep me from their gate.

If we are in chains, and none are free, for
Life is empty, I’ll even fight my kin.
Doubtless, ’til remains, upon the sea or
Land, of them, we have scattered to the wind.

Free, is this, my land; joined, but not by chains;
‘Til no man can stand; ’til no man remains.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


25 responses to “Sonnet I: The Beat of the Drum

    • I thought about the beat of the drum. And wrote this. There is a double meaning in all of this: The word “tattoo,” it has two meanings. First, the beat of the drum. Next, the marking of skin with permanent pigment. I mind neither military version.


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