Sonnet: Kept Faith

Have faith, my sweet, believe that I will rise
As high as life requires, at the least.
So quiet then the tears within thine eyes.
I promise, certain as is life, increased

Beyond that borderline, shall I release
Decisively, and with resolve, reprise
My triumphs past, and so surpassed, appease
Divinity herself; such feats, she’d prize.

For thee, within the chance of life, I thrive;
In everything I do or may achieve.
With thee, I cannot help but ever strive
To manifest such feats as we conceive.
For thee, and with thee, I am come alive.
For thee, and with thee, if thou but believe.


4 responses to “Sonnet: Kept Faith

    • The only one who matters.

      It was nice to revisit this one. It was an interesting thing I did there. I had forgotten I picked related sounds and rhymed them all. So the sounds changed subtly throughout the piece, yet all the rhymes were related in some way.

      I love you so!


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