Both Statist-Communists and Anarcho-Capitalists Fall in Love

(oft-times with each other :  )

This short post is in response to an off-line question; and this, however cryptic, is the answer to why I will no longer post political asides, regardless of subject, on this blog.  In essence, such subjects are decisive, whereas Love, and Related Topics ™ bring people together, make them closer, cause them to understand one-another.

4 responses to “Both Statist-Communists and Anarcho-Capitalists Fall in Love

  1. I do not enter into politics either. I do venture forth into “religion” as you know, but since I pay for my blog, if I don’t like what they say, I don’t respond and delete their comment. One can disagree without being nasty. Nasty comments get expunged. So far, people either don’t respond or hit “like” and some, like you, make intelligent and sensitive/sensible comments. I’m too old for stupid.


  2. I very much like the warmth you have created here at your blog by focusing more on “love and related subjects”. Heaven knows I am aware of the depth of your concern for the culture — one can hardly help that having lived as long as we have and having seen so much come and go — and I love the way you have deliberately focused on the art and friendships. I notice when Bjorn, Kanzen, Lady Day and all the rest haven’t checked in for a while. I wonder where The Pirate is and if he’s well. Seems to me there is more to this undertaking than just the poetry here…there is the very David way of forming a gathering place. You always knew what was important, my dear.


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