This morning I offer up…

…once again, rain!  And, a concept in which one so often engages when one writes music. This concept is that of a “pickup beat.”

Quite often there might be an extra beat at the beginning of a piece of music; or, on the other hand, a beat might be missing; and it is, while not strictly necessary, quite customary; or one might say, “traditional,” to account for such an extra beat, or a missing beat, at the end of the piece: an extra beat at the beginning yields a missing beat at the end, and vice versa.

This is what has been done this morning. There is a missing beat at the beginning of this morning’s piece, which is then made up at the end. This works particularly well because one of the recurring sets of rhyming words contain unaccented syllables (also known as feminine, as such things sometimes are dichotomous: accented/unaccented, weak/strong, male/female, yin/yang, salt/pepper, etc.)  This also produces a cohesive quality to all three quatrains, as all will then begin with masculine words (accented on the first syllable.)

In this you may also notice a peculiar rhymescheme of the form ADAE  BDBE  CDCE DE  I like the scheme and may well use it again–hmm….   Dare I call it the Emeronian Sonnet?  Perhaps when I have written a great deal more of them.  Perhaps I should leave that to posterity.  In any case, the difficulty level rhyme-wise, is the same as a Petrarchan Sonnet (also known as an Italian Sonnet) of the form  ABBA ABBA CDECDE; this is because one must find two words that rhyme four times, and three that rhyme twice.

This is a rework of a very old and simple work of mine–not a sonnet–which I realized would, indeed make a fine, if somewhat non-traditional sonnet.  I may, or then again, I may not post the original at some point.  I do like it quite well in its original form, however sometimes I find it seems distracting to post two poems that are so similar.

I may also push this piece into the coma ward, at least for a few days, because I’m not entirely sure I’m done with the “Human Body” (male from a male perspective) sequence yet.  (I may well anachronistically use the “Emeronian” rhymescheme for at least one of these, if indeed they are written.)  I shall also endeavor to include a Female (from a male perspective) series, though perhaps after a short break on account of rain, or love, or romanticism, or some such act of God.  (The original intention here was/is to publish this work–and this blog entry–on November 3rd, 2012)

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