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A comment I wrote for a recent post caused me to revisit a few things and write the following comment; which once again, is a far too lengthy one  not to make of it a regular post.

I am at a loss to explain why you eschew iambic pentameter in your form exercise, as you say, “even if the poem makes no sense.” Although “One thing at a time” might be a guess at your answer–which certainly would make a degree of sense. Still the iambic rhythm is most definitely a thing to get ones head around.


I have done a similar thing more times than I can count–though not as an exercise so much as a method. The only difference is that I have my subject matter chosen either before I revisit the rhyming words I chose, or long before I choose them. In this way, I forget for the most part what subject I have chosen when I choose the words. Although, as you might guess, sometimes any foreknowledge will affect my word choice somewhat. Still it is very enjoyable to have already decided what your sonnet is all about and what point you ultimately wish to make and weave the random words into it. It is not so difficult as one might think.

Still, I was recently inspired to write a new sequence of sorts, which at the time of this comment currently sits at six. This is more along the lines of what you describe. I let the story develop out of my subconscious on its own simply letting phrases of iambs and lines of pentameter just pop into existence practically of their own accord. In any event, the result of this you may find here, if you find you have an interest (and/or wish to report it to any theoretical evil overlords with which you may, or may not, have congress ; )

By the way, I have received an inquiry or two regarding Mr. Dershowitz’s sonnets. As such, I have made a number of inquiries into this. And there is nothing I can find. Nothing from google or Wikipedia. Nothing from the portal within Amazon to look for something published. I found nothing on Mr. Dershowitz’s own website. The only hit I found was via Bing which is on your previous sonnet post wherein I commented and we had a bit of a discussion. Perhaps it was a different attorney? I can imagine Mr. Bailey writing a couple of sonnets in a day; and of course Mr. Cochran’s penchant for rhyme is well known, so perhaps he is a possibility as well?

I have written a bit of a post touching on this among other things, although the subject of Mr. Dershowitz was only a minor element. In it I quip that I was unable to find any evidence of Mr. Dershowitz’s Sonnets, and that If I were, for example, a marxist operative who wanted a particular poet to stop writing, I might concoct something of the like in the hope that it might demoralise the fellow : ) I also add that I find it hard to fathom that anyone, marxist or otherwise, would have any concern whatsoever about my four hits per day! At the very least, I should think that any such person on a payroll or stipend would attempt to align himself with someone much more well known. Someone in Hollywood, or a well published author, for example.

via How to Teach Writing Sonnets | Wanderings in the Labyrinth.

But in all seriousness, do you, in fact, have a clue to the actual man in question if in fact it was not Mr. Dershowitz?

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