I admit I tire of hearing a certain meme repeating endlessly: continual repetition stating that there is no such thing as perfection and/or that perfection cannot be attained, and/or that we are only human after all, and hence, not perfect.  Although I feel compelled to write more about this, I will simply state that perfection is all about us.  So much so that we need only open our eyes to it.  Once we have done so. we might wonder why we did not realise it had been surrounding us all the time–that it should have been impossible not to have seen it.

Perfection is not simply a way to exaggerate a compliment–a way to say something is very very good.  Perfection as the unattainable ideal is simply an erroneous concept.  It is a way to further cement a false dichotomy of the ideal vs. the real.  I realise I am not making a logical case for this in so short a post, but simply making a claim.  But… if you give it some thought on your own–and just look about you–I am sure you will see it, unless you have some deep seated dogmatic resistance to the idea (and hence, the truth.)

Just try it.  You will see.