Sonnet III: Builders

So we live in a world that is better
Thus… and we live as all men ought to be.
It was done without deigning to fetter
Us… They have done it by setting us free.

And while man, a creator of beauty
Will… be compensed that his beauty may bloom;
But, the man who makes ugliness duty
Still… gains employment (by pushing a broom.)

And a man who will strive to build greatness,
Too… Shall be striven his greatness to build.
While his ugliness, failure, and hate, thus,
Who… shall be swept into labour, unskilled.

Run in fear! All is lost! You deceivers!
Know… The Romance, of these Knights, does return!

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To Sonnet Writer~Mr. Emeron | Lyrical Love

My heart, sliced and lays upon a slab of ice so cold
Some days I struggle inside to be a poetess, I am not so bold…
I spill heart and soul, before a world, that exists but in my head,
Sometimes silence is my choice instead.
I fear others will never understand the internal world
That tortures the mind, for in this world I’ve been hurled
Not the one of which I dream
I fall in love, I explore, my heart does scream
But not all on the planet are understanding of this call
It hurts to expose internal to all
Feeling as if filleting heart through to spine
I hide myself not so well when I spill forth in rhyme…
Feeling some days I’ve become too raw as forth I spill
I have sought seclusion, a bitter pill
You ask me to stay, I show, I read your write
They are so very kind, inside my soul they light
Such kindness, I could not refuse to show my face,
I am still here, inside this haunting space.
Thank you for your words kind, Mr. Emeron
So for you, I sing this morning song.

via To Sonnet Writer~Mr. Emeron | Lyrical Love.

Intro 3: Duty

What if one’s duty
Was in truth and in beauty.
Can you let me know?

What if the very
Final, extraordinary
May well overflow?