To Sonnet Writer~Mr. Emeron | Lyrical Love

My heart, sliced and lays upon a slab of ice so cold
Some days I struggle inside to be a poetess, I am not so bold…
I spill heart and soul, before a world, that exists but in my head,
Sometimes silence is my choice instead.
I fear others will never understand the internal world
That tortures the mind, for in this world I’ve been hurled
Not the one of which I dream
I fall in love, I explore, my heart does scream
But not all on the planet are understanding of this call
It hurts to expose internal to all
Feeling as if filleting heart through to spine
I hide myself not so well when I spill forth in rhyme…
Feeling some days I’ve become too raw as forth I spill
I have sought seclusion, a bitter pill
You ask me to stay, I show, I read your write
They are so very kind, inside my soul they light
Such kindness, I could not refuse to show my face,
I am still here, inside this haunting space.
Thank you for your words kind, Mr. Emeron
So for you, I sing this morning song.

via To Sonnet Writer~Mr. Emeron | Lyrical Love.

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