Sonnet: Thieves

Through turns and twists, an endless beat, we ran;
I’d spurn the mists, descend to meet with thee.
We’d turn a bend upon a stone, and we
Would earn an end, and on our own, began.

But for a while–and never knowing when–
Once more to smile, then time to go, it was.
Through turns, we twist, an endless beat, and us
Returned, we list, pretend, and meet again.

You’d wrest some rest from lies and flight, and stole
From me some paradise, not quite forlorn.
I took, from you, a measure of that sworn
A garden, too. You stole no treasure, whole;
But gave us shrift, though magical and brief.
Forgiveness gifts me gratitude, my thief!

5 responses to “Sonnet: Thieves

    • This one. I have not, I do not think, yet done a writeup about, as of yet. It is a new sonnet based on two short poems I wrote the better part of a century ago. Each one of two quatrains. So, four short quatrains in all, written in octameter. It was a very enjoyable process melding them into what you see here. When i do a writeup of it, I will post the originals, as I most often do.

      Tomorrow, at midnight, (pacific standard) there will be a brand new one. Not inspired by or written upon anything I have already written, but somehow, it reminds me of this one.


  1. What a joy to see this one again this morning! It is such a delightful piece and has such fond memories of “peace and rare ease hard won” behind it.

    As poetry alone I believe it may be one of your hundred best.

    You do know, don’t you Dearest?


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