Part 10: (blankverse)

“That stepping rhythm:” deca-syllables
Of which a gracious poetess once wrote,
That navigate so flawlessly along.

This is iambic pentameter.   This is the heart and soul of the sonnet.  We can sometimes flip this rhythm the other way and then flip back, but essentially you have 10 syllables divided into 5 groups of 2 that may be called “feet” and are accented on the second syllable, as in the triadic verse above.

We are verging now on the kind of language in which Shakespeare wrote all his plays.  Still this is modern language, so perhaps, since we well know the meaning of the words by now, we should change them to language similar to Shakespeare’s in the next step.

In any case, have a look at the blank verse in the following example and test the sound of it.  See if you can hear the stepping sound which our inimitable Mrs. King once pointed out to me.

4 responses to “Part 10: (blankverse)

  1. That’s a lot of technical information for me to absorb. Though I am well aware of 10-syllable rule of Shakespearean sonnets. David, have you any published work ? I have been wanting to ask this question, since I do not find anything on internet.


    • Although I have written quite a lot. Most of it, I choose not to publish. At least at the current time, sonnets and their introductions are all you will find. I have considered and am considering publishing other types of work. But as for another outlet–other than wordpress–I am not quite sure. I have thought perhaps a book of sonnets might be nice if well designed and edited. Such a thing, if easy on the eye, might earn a dollar or two here and there around St. Valentine’s Day, if nothing else.

      I may still decide to do that. I may one day decide to publish other works, novels, music, recordings, &c, but at this time, I have not decided if I should or will do so.


    • Book of sonnets would be great, indeed! Well, I look forward to the day when I buy a book authored by you, Sir, and it will definitely receive great reviews. My best wishes!


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