Part 3: (triadic line)

What is the meaning of
this form?
Is this more capriciousness?

Clearly it may have been premature to place the words in any thing resembling sonnet form.  Still, it was worth a try.  It may or it may not have given the reader a better idea of what the words meant; it may or may not have given the poet any greater insight into how the words might be arranged.

Next we find triadic line.  This is often used in freeverse to some effect.  One can create emphasis or interrupt or continue ones feel of the rhythm of the piece, or even create the effect of proper, or even improper punctuation.  It is only fair to admit that these line breaks were chosen for looks,  however.  The fairly regular looking verses are relaxing to the eye, and…

…perhaps, the smaller groupings will show us something.

Does this cause much improvement?  And does the form have anything to do with the words as such, or actually support them?

It may appear to the reader–and to the poet–as just another random selection of form.   Perhaps further thought is warranted.

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