Sonnet VIII: Hope

For one, who sometimes wished or feared to die
Unknown; for one, who grieved or sought to leave
Alone; for one, who would not say goodbye;
Whose mercy then would mercilessly try;

For what shall mercy take ’til mercy’s gone
Awry; for what deceiving took to grieve
To cry; for whom, should hope be ‘stowed upon
Whose ardour then would ardent live anon;

And who, in ardour’s happiness had felled
His fate; and who, naive, could earn reprieve
As late; and who, in clarity was held
As sanctified as sanctity dispelled:

Who held enthral, and mercied to deceive;
Who grieved to call his folly or his fall.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


8 responses to “Sonnet VIII: Hope

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  2. Dear David, I should tell you that I love this one too! I’ve always loved topics about hope, mostly because that’s the meaning of my first name, so for me it’s special. For this one I thought when I did read the first sentence… “For one who sometimes wished or fear to die… one hope to know where one will go when wishing and when fearing one hope not to be alone.” Have a wonderful evening! :)

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    • In this sequence of, so far, 12, I believe, the story told is secondary to the elements of sound, form, and balance. Also, although this was not my original intention, these are written in pairs, each pair containing the same end rhymes–although in a reversed order (depending upon the form which is being reversed) The story, therefore, or message is incidental and springs out of my mind through whatever vocabulary and grammatical means are at my immediate disposal–perhaps I should describe this as ENgramatical??!

      In any case, regarding this sonnet, it’s brother, number VII is currently my favourite of the two. And that seems to hold true for other reads also:

      The whole sequence taken as an arc might be described as a yoyo ride up a steep cliff… perhaps….

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