Sonnet IV: Hour Lives

All life with thee is given me, alive
Withal, for each, by each, to our increase;
An hour, and our lives as do we strive
A second’s brief eternity to lease.

And seconds lived eternally to gift
Us aeons whereupon, should we survive
As aeons of eternity adrift,
Not one brief second ever shall deprive

Our joy, as joy to both of us so strives.
And years as seconds nightly pass as swift
As all the teeming joy that nightly thrives;
As all the seeming seconds briefly lift.

Then cease our fleeting aeons; each survives
Release, yet fleets the seconds of our lives.  Then…

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


18 responses to “Sonnet IV: Hour Lives

  1. Still I can’t seem to help but tell a story in any case.

    That is your charm, my dear. The musician, the poet, the engineer… Always you have melded them into one whole. Age has only made your command of the mediums richer for the telling of your tales.


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