Sonnet III: Name Us

Shall profit grant me mere upon release,
A living testament to living lives;
Shall profit take me even when they cease;
For living life as living life survives?

As second over living second, thrives
The lift of life as only life could lift;
Each passing hour, every second strives,
As second, hour, and year, would pass as swift.

So do we drift through time as time would drift,
Depriving all of what it may deprive:
So lacking lustre as privation’s gift–
The merest that the merest would survive.

Then strive we only now to own life’s lease,
Alive until our living would increase!

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


8 responses to “Sonnet III: Name Us

  1. This piece seems well timed…for me, personally that is. Not to appear too selfish or narcissistic, but it is. But art is like that: we should connect personally to a piece. Let me try to take the personal bias out of this and say that I enjoy your sonnets. I admire poets who make forms and verse just flow naturally.


    • Most kind. There is no need to suppress oneself in order to render a judgement. If you consider it–really think about it–you will see it makes no sense to do this. This is not the “special snowflake” argument I so often hear; but consider this:

      Of all the people of all the world there is only ONE looking out of your eyes. All others are on the other side of those eyes of yours. That makes your life completely unique to you. In that way, it is most definitely not just another person doing, thinking, or saying something.

      I believe these ideas are put into our heads quite young, but when we really think them through, there is no merit to them. There is no need to apologise for having ones own opinion. The fact that the view is yours does not mitigate it in the least. In fact, the very notion of that mitigation makes no sense at all.

      Sorry to blather on about this, but something in your comment made me revisit a few “soapbox” issues I have entertained and upon which I have pontificated over many, many decades.

      This sequence of sonnets is focused on timing, sound and balance. This is not the norm for me, but I thought it would be an enjoyable exercise to allow the form to come first, experimenting with what I have learned about form and balance and allowing the message to take a less dominant role. Even so, and as you can see, such messages do tend to spring forth on their own because of the nature of the way our minds work. It seems I cannot avoid seeing a bigger picture; and even if I do not focus upon it, a story is unwittingly told.


  2. I know you do not accept awards and so have made up my own award just for you. Accept or not, you are forthwith Poet laureate of Machinists……so there. There are no images, rules, etc. associated with this award. it exists only in my little brain and in this comment section.

    So there….the Southern Belle Hellion Wren has spoken.


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