Sonnet I: Nectar

If thou, my sweetest love, if thou, with me,
Wouldst share the sweet Xerex, that sweetest grape,
That loveliest of nectars, which may shape
One’s very soul, its very contours free;

That selfsame nectar I proclaim to be
The fabric, flowing as a fluid cape,
Which ribbons, over all creation drape,
Returneth me, my sweetest love, to thee.

Drink thou, this sweet elixir; know thou calm;
As will its magic sooth my restless mind;
Raise thou its crimson crystal to thy lips.

Drink we, such still, sweet, grape, such perfect balm,
And we have drunk the blood of lover’s, twined,
And conquerors who venture forth in ships.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

12 responses to “Sonnet I: Nectar

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    • I am pleased that you liked it. I really should publish the original that sparked this sequence. I do not choose to publish much of my more serious freeverse, but I have thought a time or two that I should post that one, which is a rather long one, as you might guess, it having given rise to 7 sonnets. Even though a freeverse in metre and rhythm, it still has very romantic over and undertones, and might have been a sonnet sequence from the “get go.” But…. you see, I had already drunk the blood of lover’s twined and my ship had already begun to rock!

      Still… even if one does not have a romantic epiphany, fine Oleroso Sherry has quite a lovely aroma and taste, and a beautiful deep red colour.


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