Sonnet: To a Friend

Surrounding all the visible of life
Are reds and violets of all creation.
Hidden there beyond all earthly sight,
These outer hues defy our expectation.

Wish I, friend, to show how this empowers;
And to give you all that can be seen.
But still I know, for you, there are those flowers
You would fear to touch and may demean.

I’d wish for you to see the beauty there
As well as all the beauty that you know
And know I do your love is true, your care
Is real although the places you will go

Are only fully present in the known
N’er knowing all the hues to which I’ve grown.


7 responses to “Sonnet: To a Friend

    • Thank you, Rhonda, for stopping by and having a look. This is an older one (although lucased a bit, partly as a result of what I learned by reading your work and discussing the conceptualisation of metaphor with you).

      As I understand how busy you are, I am always quite honoured when you stop by for a look. (I think) I am starting a new sequence which tentatively will be called “Études.” It will start to post in about a week after something called “They of Valour,” which is posting this morning (I believe) and which consists of seven sonnets. So you may look for them in about a week. I have no idea how many there will be–could be a fair number though.


    • Thank you, Wesley; I appreciate your comments; however if you read any of my disorganised “about” type material you will see that all this is mostly about true love for me, and that I was ill prepared for writing such things as you see on the site.

      I do believe discovering the humanities whether because of love or any other reason has enriched my life and my understanding of it–so… that is good, at least : )

      I should warn you there is a controversial series on the way which i believe is set to go up this morning early.


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