Sonnet V: 1914

See there, what are those pestilent that smother
In the muck? And there, I see, ignored
Within the mire, more are stuck; and Lord!
Behold, one bunches up to bid another

Well! Though unobtrusively, its brother
It disdains with such a tell.  With bored
Enthusiasm, one will slither toward
A wretched thing as if to give the other

An award. But lo! What it intends!
Now can it actually be, to grant
The other honours and a meaningless
Degree? How sweet, if my corrupted friends
Would slyly acquiesce, to grant me scanty
Honours with an automatic yes.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


9 responses to “Sonnet V: 1914

  1. I reread this tonight while in a particularly interesting mood. It made me snergle. What a delightful wordsmith you are my dear!

    one will slither toward
    A wretched thing as if to give the other

    An award. But lo! What it intends!
    Now, can it actually be, to grant
    The other honours, and a meaningless

    By this point I was chuckling aloud as I listened to your voice recite the sonnet in my head. What a delicious picture you paint! Bravo!!111eleven!!


    • A wordsmith I am most definitely not, my dearest one. Were I one to be jealous of such things, I would be jealous of all the myriad connexions that you–and other humanities-steeped people–make so easily and to a degree that I can never hope to attain. Although… I can hope, I suppose. So perhaps that is a start.


    • I am torn between saying “thank you” for your kind compliment and “balderdash!” about your belief that you are not a fine wordsmith. After all, I am supposedly the one with the brain steeped in humanities chaff/connection inducing nonsense. Are you now saying that I am not a good judge of word wrangling? After all, I did introduce you to Irving Bachellor…

      Wanna wrassle about it?


    • It took me far too long to see this comment but I must greet you, Courageous Jane, and give you a true Hale Fellow and Well Met! I hear from my beloved that you are homeschooling which is a life never common and courage is rewarded daily for the blessings are numbered beyond mortal telling. I’m told you also have a very nice website that I look forward to visiting some day soon.

      As you can see, my darling Mr. Emeron underestimates his gifts by a fair amount. I enjoyed “hearing” you so gently and quite literally “calling him on his crap”. Your sparkling repartee is most welcome here.


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