Sonnet I: Waiting Is

And I…  have lost all life, all breath, all heart,
All sound, all sight; all sense hath left me blind.
For all I run to thee while sleep, apart…
I dare not hope but glimpse thee so confined;
But crystaled tears, this vision, showeth art;
And only then should know thy tears as mine.

I know thy lidded eyes press forth my tears;
And beg thee ope’ these jewels; see me there
Entreat thee, from this blindness, end my fears;
Wake thee, and wake thou me, from out this sleep,
This phantasm, this darkness, this nightmare;
And dare I thee to wake, wherefore I weep.

For thou, thy faith, thy dream, as pure whereby–
Waiting…  hoping… ever for mee… as I….

  • To my love;
    who hath for me
    ever waited.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


15 responses to “Sonnet I: Waiting Is

  1. My love

    To you I seem to sleep
    But to me I am but resting as I await your slightest desire
    That I might do you ease.
    That you might call my name and bid me sing to you
    To wile the long hours
    In soft congeniality
    And await the passing of all pain and dolor.
    That we
    Touching fingertip to fingertip
    Might light a magic circle around us
    And snug within it’s safe enclosure
    Will finally sleep secure from all fear
    Just as we did as children.


  2. I love the way the wording you use causes a sense of hurry as it gets into the second part of the piece. Read aloud the words trip past faster and faster…the breath pattern required to read it correctly is slightly chopped and light…until it resolves into the last line at almost a suppressed sob. And then the final two lines resolve it all so expressively. Beautiful. Done like a musician, my dear, true to form and lovely ~ with just the right cadence at the end.


  3. Hello David,

    You are amazing. Maybe because I am in love I can relate to everything you write so closely. I loved “Waiting is…” and the response from PlagueFairy. You guys cannot be appreciated with mere words. But that is all I have to express myself now!


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