Sonnet I: Empty

I wish, O poetess, had not thou gone,
‘Least in thy stead thy words so wish remained.
Where hast thou hence thy beauty borne away?
And whence hath run thy passion unconstrained?

For thee, in early morn I searched; the dawn
Had not yet broke, nor made the rain to slake;
But now, forever falling rain might stay,
And dawn, I fear, or joy, might never break.

To whence were hid thy words I goe anon,
Or thence wherein my heart thy words might tend.
So ever seek the light shall I of day;
Thy dawn to chase, this rain in hopes might end;

Await the dawn until return again
Thy words, and fondly beg thou wilt remain.

  • To Lady Day,
    With so fond regard
    I scarce can say

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Intro 1: To Rhonda

Ever missed are friends
Whenever they have left us,
Emptiness remains.

If Spring, or Winter,
They, into our lives, have come;
Whether far away,

Very close at hand,
Or in person, never met,
We still will miss them.

So many have gone;
Some, so very long ago.
I wished their safety;

Drank to their success;
But keep, so very deeply,
My wish to see them.