Sonnet I: Empty

I wish, O poetess, had not thou gone,
‘Least in thy stead thy words so wish remained.
Where hast thou hence thy beauty borne away?
And whence hath run thy passion unconstrained?

For thee, in early morn I searched; the dawn
Had not yet broke, nor made the rain to slake;
But now, forever falling rain might stay,
And dawn, I fear, or joy, might never break.

To whence were hid thy words I goe anon,
Or thence wherein my heart thy words might tend.
So ever seek the light shall I of day;
Thy dawn to chase, this rain in hopes might end;

Await the dawn until return again
Thy words, and fondly beg thou wilt remain.

  • To Lady Day,
    With so fond regard
    I scarce can say

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


8 responses to “Sonnet I: Empty

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  2. I read your work everyday. I am just resting my voice, but I assure you sir…I am here. Thankyou for this so very much, and am wishing you and your so relaxing time over the next few weeks, no doubt much time with your family. Hugs and kisses, to you and the Mrs.


    • I … this … I shall not once press the backspace. I went …. I found myself missing you and thought to read your blog. your b… most beautiful words.

      They were all gone. And this sonnet came pouring out of me. Such despair. i waited too long to read through them all. So I wrote to ; you.

      and thank you for your kind wishes. I do understand. And I do wish you the same. Hollidays can be difficult.


    • Aw, I am so very sorry the holidays are difficult. I don’t know much of your world and what you live, but know, I am so very sorry if they pain you. As far as my writing goes…I’ve often locked up my writing shortly after writing it. I really do feel sensitive about them. They are me. Each one. The writer I am is the true me, but exposing feelings and thoughts to the whole world feels very heavy at times. I was going to leave the poetry up, but it is like leaving pieces of my soul unattended. I do want to compile them into two books, one haiku and one poetry. I keep feeling torn. I miss everyone here, truly. But the more people get to know me, the more I close up. Apparently my past haunts me this way. I am trying so hard to push through everything. The compiling, rewriting, story writing, they all seem like good diversions from battling a close up in front of the writers and artists who have gotten to know me better. Time will tell what wins what I battle inside. Your words today though, help me understand, it is a community, and I miss you all too. I will try, for each of you, to battle what ails me, and draws me back into myself. Thank you. x


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