Sonnet: Definite

Before me stood an apparition, still,
A spectre stood, I thought, before me; there,
Upon my garden trestle, stealthy came;
When first, I looked upon a pensive stare.

Regarding me, this silent wraith; her chill,
Unearthly gaze–or were it baneful gleam–
At first so menacing, then slyly tame,
Unfathomably deep, her eyes did seem.

Then spake she once, not whispering nor shrill
yet understood I not what hath she said.
Though close regarded what she would exclaim
My pounding heart were all I heard instead.

Yet now I will–when thrill to hear thy voice–
Rejoice–and shame–the lateness of my choice.


13 responses to “Sonnet: Definite

  1. Oh, I love this! Of course I love this! I’m going to run out of punctuation marks I love it so much!!!!111eleventy!!

    I missed reading this one somehow but I’m so happy that I have found it. Thank you for writing this one, Sweetheart!! I well remember the setting and it is delightful to see the event through your eyes and in verse. It made me laugh and it made me feel wistful both. You are the dearest boy, the very dearest.


  2. I ask with total humility and with nothing to offer but this question: will the two of you marry me? I am woefully poor but I’m a decent cook and I do like baroque music and can make excellent reeds for oboe or clarinet or bassoon. I was taught as a child how to serve a proper tea and as an adult, how to perform the tea ceremony. Oh yes, and I have charming Southern drawl.

    Yes, I am being a foolish person right now, but the two of you just make my heart smile.


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