Aang can save the world | wordcoaster

In response to this:

The airbender avatar Aang,
Teamed up with the rest of his gang
To bring life and rebirth
And save the whole earth
And if that ain’t enough, well then dang!

While a bit of an Anime noob,
I watched the whole thing on the tube
All in one afternoon
(Hope you mean the cartoon,
And not this Sha-lam-a-lon boob.)

Aang can save the world | wordcoaster.

7 responses to “Aang can save the world | wordcoaster

  1. You watched it? Well, what did you think?
    Whaddya mean you think Zuko’s a chink?
    That’s racist and rude
    And all-around crude
    I’ll slap you before you can blink

    Glad I could provoke a response–thanks for sharing!


    • I assert that they do make me happy
      Though some of them seem kind of crappy
      When the words that they wield
      Come way out of left field…
      Take it back before somebody caps me!!

      Aside: I think, apart from the wonderful visuals of the unmentionable live-action version–which were stunningly beautiful as well as accurate and faithful to the animé, all other elements of it were dismal:

      Lame screenplay.
      Too much material for one film.
      Horrible cast direction.
      Dismal pacing, therefore:
      Awful editing/cutting

      And, I think, very important:
      No Mako, or Mako sound-alike.

      The voices in the Anime were teriffic! And people tend to expect the same characters. I think sometimes that live action versions might succeed better if they were to dub them. (Even George Lucas had the sense to dub Vader with JEJ)

      Did you know that Mako died during the making of this series? They found a wonderful voice actor who did a perfect Mako imitation. I think he could make a career of simply doing that one distinctive voice!


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