Intro: Can an Elephant?

AnElephantCant hide his great pleasure
To meet folk who know sweet Lady Day
This place is quite grubby
But please bring your hubby
And just pop in next time you’re passing this way

Conceive how wonderful are
My sweetheart’s Smiles.


9 responses to “Intro: Can an Elephant?

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    • rarasaur sent me the following message:

      David Emeron: For making me happy, sad, and emotional– all from the impact of a few well-chosen words:

      Such a lovely sentiment. To which I replied:

      Thank you so very much, dear lady; however I do not accept awards of any kind nor acknowledge nominations except to decline them; nor do I participate in poetry magazine or aggregation sites of any kind. My reasons for this are, perhaps too numerous to and perhaps also too convoluted for a tiny comment box such as this; however, as always I do, very much appreciate the lovely intentions that surely are behind such a sentiment.


    • Thank you kindly, young lady!

      Now, with my tongue firmly within my cheek, please allow me to, for the record, state that, my partner is an angry old man with more money than sense, also a man whom I have not yet had the pleasure of having met.

      My sweetheart on the other hand–also my sweet wife of the better part of a century, sweetest beyond all measure, and so very lovely is she–is anything but. Much to my pleasure, I should say–excepting that if she did in fact have as much money as she has sense, she could repay our national debt. (But is so very sensible, that she no doubt would not choose to do so.)

      However, if you do happen upon this foolishly generous, pecunious curmudgeon–or harridan, as may be the case–if you please, kindly direct him hither, as I have a project or two that truly does need funding. Neither one involves a bridge. Honest.


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