Sonnet X: Labyrinth

His shape as pleaseth me, this fiery art
Doth longsome dream to me whilst gripped in sleep.
Shot through with lightning’s fire, doth dream impart
Such thrill: convivial to wake, to weep,

To think it trivial that thence I’ve gone,
That this Oneiran path: forever lost;
Not Morpheus, nor Hypnos’ other Spawn
Reveals’ this darkened place to whence I crost;

For these three Sons shall ‘ever show
A mortal man each labyrinth but once.
So at my waking hour, must I go
Away within imaginings, unless some bunce

Befall me; kindly providence might choose
To call me with such luck as I may use.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


4 responses to “Sonnet X: Labyrinth

  1. The inner rhyme scheme when read aloud…oh my! You are good, my sweet. I love this series, it takes me back to the imaginary collections of famous sculpture we spoke of so often when we were young. Happy hours spent.

    The Nefer cries her plea
    With haste I go, my steps unsteady
    She doggs them as I face the stair
    And crowds my decent
    With intent to flee this place
    Of soft carpet and hard rules…

    as in

    (Yes, I have to take the dog out;
    and yes, I just know
    you could write a sonnet about it. heh)

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