Sonnet: My Friend

When hope’s last touch had, ever weary, left;
And never, solace opened up her arms;
Sweet dreams pervading comfort had been reft;
And fertile life had quitted of her charms.

Life, seeming ended, ever lingered on;
And pity choked her ever-ringing word.
It seemed as though I were a passing pawn
Unheeding of all joy and never heard.

When panic reared his dreaded mask, I had
To desperately seek to task this ache.
Instead, you offered friendship. (I was glad
To take whatever kindness I could take.)

Though first, it seemed your offering was small,
What magic, that you gave a gift at all!

  • One more for Jena:
    Though never would a hundred
    Ever be enough.

6 responses to “Sonnet: My Friend

    • Very nice of you to say so, young man! And I haven’t even done any lucasing to it yet. Sometimes a word or two will change as I meditate upon it over a few days. (wiktionary used to have a definition of “lucas” as a verb: to repeatedly over edit ones own work. [after the manner of George Lucas] Sadly some grim soul removed it, although the word is still used and may be gaining in popularity for all I may know.)


    • My apologies, I do get confused at times with who… is … well… who. The answer is: Not so much that, but that Lucas is known for taking things long finished and adding unnecessary things, ruining the continuity of his older movies. I, myself, try not to do it, to just let things stand after a week or so–unless I find an actual mistake, at least.

      If you’ve never watched the reviews of his “new” star wars movies at, it’s quite a treat. There is some rough language and off color humor, which I could do without, but the reviews are so detailed and piercing–and very entertaining–that it is well worth a cringe or two.


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