Sonnet VII: Lucky

It’s true, I always get what I desire,
But most of my desires rest in you.
Such boyish dreams, but definitely knew
What would, in all complexity, transpire;

I knew the field, I knew the world entire;
And this, that every wish of mine came true.
I saw our lives as they began anew,
And understood what life would then require.

That both of us, so perfectly sincere;
So very much as when we first began;
And now, as once we did, we would declare;
As strong as ever once, and as severe;
And all our long tomorrows, better than
Our yesterdays; and all beyond compare.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


2 responses to “Sonnet VII: Lucky

  1. The more I read this the more I like it. I like the way it reminds me of how “strong” and “severe” children are. How utterly serious they are and how those things are exactly what is needed to build and then hold to a life long love.


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