Alone | RL King:A Written World

I so remember writing such things as this below:

I have walked, Alone
Most often, when I needed someone most
I have pushed and pulled
Don’t think I do not know, Alone
This variety of Alone
Has a different torment
For I will never find a partner for this Alone
There is not that hope
Not that imagined dream
The hand has been dealt
And it has a bitterness
It has a solitude indescribable
To teach spirituality, Alone
Drive across snow covered hiway, Alone
To sit, and bear the burden of all I am to teach them, Alone
A conscience weighed with never being good enough, Alone
To return and speak to God, Alone
Wonder if he hears me, Alone
Do not speak to me of, Alone
That, is a lifetime for me
A lifetime,
Of Alone.

via Alone | RL King:A Written World.

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