Sonnet IX: Extremes

Can aught unite this nature’s pain and grace?
Can any magic unify these twain?
I wish to see the ending of this pain
Which lives eternal on thine ivory face.

Shall magic oversee to interlace
These two divergent themes which so profane
This wonderful ideal of our demesne
To depths of most unbearable disgrace.

My sister, will it ever be that I
Will have thee someday for my very own?
Or is this fantasy to justify
This perfect world which we have overthrown.

What kind of fools were we who ran away
From that which still we hope to have someday?

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

8 responses to “Sonnet IX: Extremes

  1. What kind of fool indeed. Cherry blossom time always brings out the melancholy in me – mono no aware. You and dear Mrs. E. I assume are home safe and sound and I am glad. and this sonnet sounded itself as I played my violin – your write very good music.


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