Sonnet I: Thine Alone

My beauty-rain, O let me feel thy cooling
Warmth again–thine effervescent touch;
To sink within thy sweetest nature, pooling;
Feel thy sweetest yield surround me such:

First hint of tender touch and faerie fire
So doth mee now thy promised passion lend,
And fill mee with my single heart’s desire:
To dance the love thine elements portend.

For thee, my passion climbeth as none other,
Yearning songs, yet melancholy, slow;
When thou art near, my gentle, warming love,
Thou bringest lasting peace though must thou goe.

Could any foolish mortal claim the right
To boast thou dost caress, unknowingly, thy man tonight?

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


6 responses to “Sonnet I: Thine Alone

  1. The more I read this over the days the more I like it. It reads beautifully, my dear. And it sings even better to my ear. You have captured the subtle lilting that lends itself to the sean nos style vocals. Was that your intent here?

    And, of course, I can just picture Pirate upon the heights dancing in the rain as we once did.


  2. Pardon, my dear. As you can see I have allowed myself the luxury of reading and commenting in my “morning” and I wasn’t truly awake. What I should have written is that the rhythm of the consonants that you used, and their character of being stopped behind the tongue caught the lilt of the sean nos style of vocals. I found myself singing it as a matter of course…the lyrics called out to the music.


    • These were written during desert monsoon rains in the southern third of Arizona. There is during August, or thereabouts, regular afternoon and evening rains punctuated by periodic downpours so intense that ones wind-shield wipers cannot keep up with them.


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