Intro: Through Eternity I Hear

Through eternity I hear your call now

As I could not when I was a young girl;
When weather stations, and ice-lollies,
Hot summer side-walks, forts and spaceships
Consumed our imaginations.

Through eternity I hear your call now

Having listened always to its faint echo
When on the road or on the stage,
The needs of the family, tears and solitude,
Consumed my imagination.

Through eternity I hear your call now

Since you brought me home to you
To lay down my tired heart and rest
In this household made out of friends of our youth
Which now consumes my imagination.

Through eternity I hear your call now


What follows is an answer to this lovely piece my sweet wife sent to me. Having recently found myself condensing, reordering, and streamlining my work, I came upon another sonnet written in the following form. If memory serves, it had been taken from a shorter work which I expanded into a sonnet-like form.  Originally AAxA, BBxB, CCxC, I added three capping lines each rhyming with the previously non-rhyming lines.  This yielded up a fifteen line ‘sonnet-plus-one’  of the form AA1A, BB2B, CC2C, 123.  However this next offering was not written from a previous form as was its predecessor, and so was written with this form in mind at the outset.  It seemed a lovely way to answer my Sweetheart’s lovely words.

Since I have now taken up the mantle of this non standard form and made another attempt at it, I feel it should be designated in some way.  I will have to devote some thought to the naming of this sonnet-ish thing.

Suggestions welcome : )


4 responses to “Intro: Through Eternity I Hear

    • Mrs. Emeron did not feel this was her best attempt at communication; but I especially like poetry (villanelle, for example) with repeated figures. I try a fair bit of it myself. I think it brings reinforcement and cohesion to a given subject as well as bringing balance and rhythm. As such, I believe I liked the above much more than she expressed.


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