Intro: Where is Waldo?

I believe
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    • Well, you can make your own natto very easily. Based on my experience, it is a mixture of rabbit droppings and snot. I do not usually show disrepect for another culture’s food, but in this case, I make an exception. Even my Japanese friend would not eat it. He said there was not enough hot mustard and soy sauce in the world to flavor it. BTW, I really like your blog. It’s like taking an extremely interesting course on sonnets. I have enjoyed it immensely.


    • Thank you. I have, as I mentioned enjoyed watching via youtube two exuberant youths attempting to eat the remarkable stuff. One of them threw up strait away, after which the camera man–camera dude, I suppose–goaded him into taking another bite, which caused and even more explosive display!!

      Re sonnets: As I have been ill for some weeks (now largely recovered) I have actually been working on a course of sorts to fill some of the absent days. I thought at first to publish it one day at a time, but common sense is telling me I should have a few phases written before I start making them available. It will help me fine tune them or make them consistent and matching. The idea is that I can present a formless verse and modify it into a more strict form in stages (which is not, by the way the best, nor the fastest way to write sonnets–and believe me I have tried every method I have been able to ply my imagination to devise)

      So for example it would start as freeverse then be reined into 14 lines, then decasyllabic lines, then become blankverse then lyrical couplets etc. etc.

      All this is because I realised not long ago that couplet rhymes are the most common and that Rudyard Kipling, for example wrote sonnets using them which were intended for children (I believe). I am, however no scholar in these matters and should never be taken for such, in any case.

      Thank you for dropping by and you are most welcome any time. I very much enjoyed the story of the tournament. Did that really happen?? Either way, it was nicely written.


    • Oh, dear! NATTO!!!! Please, a warning next time so I don’t drink my morning coffee while reading your posts! It was altogether unexpected and I laughed so hard…

      Thank you, Kanzensakura, that was a raucous way to start my day! Always a good thing.


    • A day without spitting out your coffee is like a day without stomach cramps from laughing so hard. Hope I can provide you with another raucous day starter again. Us southerners all folks like me, 20 pounds of crazy in a five pound bag. :-)


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