Intro 1: Quite A Challenge

If I have my way,
you’ll all know why
I wrote this.
And then,
you’ll also know why
I said it was
quite an intriguing challenge,
if you look closely.


6 responses to “Intro 1: Quite A Challenge

  1. This is so weird…you haven’t been coming up in my reader at all? I had stopped getting emails for most because it was just too much and even visited your site once and hadn’t seen anything since April 1st. Huh? Darn it. Now I’ll have to catch up. Anyway. Guess tomorrow I’ll do that. Have a great day.


    • This makes me realise that perhaps I should be writing one blog instead of three. As I had announced my impending trip and the trepidation I felt as a result. Embarrased that such a frailty has affected my life this much. But… Well…. There you are. : )

      I think I should merge my three blogs into one.

      Or something akin.

      Hmmm. And answering a comment or two appears to be dragging me out of my shell. That, I think, is good.


    • Yes, but ya, I understand the tiring bit. Very well. I am fine, the crew is fine too. I still haven’t totally caught up. I hope to soon. But, I have been working on several offline projects that eating my time too. And life.
      I’m happy to hear you and Lady Emeron are well. :)


    • Thank you; we are quite well, although I am more enjoying reordering things. I have new work, but I am delaying posting these drafts until I decide what to do with my “extra” blogs–at least for a while as I do some rearranging. Best to you and yours.


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