Sonnet IV: Wut…

When Giving’s chosen gift is Anger’s shout;
To Nothings’s take, you feel to Giving’s out;
Yet joying now, as when you Wish’s bring;
Then Whening’s company you’ve but to sing.

When Nexting’s Subtletly’s Regarding’s speak;
When onceing Knowingly’s regards thy shout;
When Simple’s gifted thee Regarding’s sing;
Then Nothing’s wish is merely Granted’s doubt.

I sang to Weak’s regard, of Strength’s remain;
And Knowing’s doubt for Knowingly’s disdain;
I doubted Granted’s wish for Nothing’s weak;
And shout this truth away to Loveing’s spring.

I’d Rather’s Song’s Regarding’s Empty’s hall;
Than, Taking’s song to Full’s no time at all.

  • To myself, of course,
    but also…
    to the Pirate.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


4 responses to “Sonnet IV: Wut…

    • This is something of a puzzle of course; and I feel it is a bit unfair of me, because I am much better at creating them then solving them myself.

      Still, as I pointed out to my sweetheart, one of the easy ways to solve this one and find the “correct” meaning of it–or, at any rate, the intended meaning–is to blur ones brain, in the same way one might blur ones eyes, or not look directly at this one. The meaning, as I have seen after sleeping on it for a couple of nights, does more or less make itself known if one looks less closely at the structure. Still there is a puzzle there for those more oriented toward such things.


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