Sonnet II: The Most Important Thing

That art thou most of consequence to me–
Thy tender age doth all to me pertain–
What may I tell, that wouldst thou not foresee;
And warn of that from which thou shouldst abstain?

Fear not, shouldst thou, pursuit of all thine aims;
For rest shalt thou enough to persevere.
Nor fear the end of that which life proclaims;
For shalt thou cease, one day, to live in fear.

And never, thy demeanour, show as meek;
For this thine own frustration will prolong.
Nor fail to strive, believing thou art weak;
For shall, one day, travail make thee strong.

And know, thou shouldst, one truth, all else above:
With all thy strength, pursue thy dearest love.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


8 responses to “Sonnet II: The Most Important Thing

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    • You are quite welcome, young miss, and thank you all the more for so writing me. This sequence is most heartfelt; and, having written these enabled me to see the nature of Shakespeare’s sonnets more clearly.

      Although you are perhaps too young for such an endeavour–or perhaps not–I would, and often in general do, task the poet to write perhaps ten or so sonnets or short poems of any form to his younger self, and then reread Shakespeare’s and see if he does not see that The Bard himself may well have done the same–times 154–during that infamous plague outbreak during which no plays could be performed.


    • You were one of the wisest younglings I have ever known. That is just the truth of it, my dearest.

      I don’t mean to make you self conscious. Please feel free to leave this comment to stand alone! I’ll blush for you…as it has always been my pleasure as your helpmeet to bear that which you would not choose to face yourself. *heh*



    • So you very often have said. I believe I made great efforts to put on my wisest face at the most important of times. I did not always feel so very wise, but my brain was always (sort of) working away on things; at the very least, I gave the most difficult situations my very best consideration, and you were always most generous in your assessment of my actions or decisions.


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