Intro: Thief

More spring than winter
Because it is next of love,
More than first of year.

Every day takes me
In, and out, of everything.
I never doubt it.

And brings a lot more
Than it takes away from me.
It leaves me with love.

Except at the last.
One day, it will either give–
Or take everything.


4 responses to “Intro: Thief

    • Thank you. These are really introductions to my sonnets. I do not, quite honestly spend that much time with these. Quite often people happen upon them first. And I believe possibly that short haiku and even longer sequences of them are more generally accessible without any kind of learning curve. Alas, this is not true for sonnets, I’m afraid, which is the form in which I choose to write, and which my sweetheart of the better part of century so loves to read.

      This one is an exception having involved some greater degree of thought both metaphysically and structurally.


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