Sonnet I: His Favour

At rest she lieth down within her bed,
Doth close long lidded eyes, though not to sleep
In her repose for soft, round limbs to rest;
And then, in longing yet, her thoughts toward him:

Of words so closely shared, or left unsaid;
Such secrets, told or not, as cause to weep;
With his remembrance tight against her prest,
Though now, so tattered, once yet thought a whim,

Her tears to calm, his favour held instead,
That holdeth now her heart in safety’s keep,
To lull, so sweet her countenance, to rest–
Then close her eyes again, as night grew dim.

And once we wed, doth dream my love now deep,
As blest, our lives entwined, as any hymn.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence: click here to read it all:


22 responses to “Sonnet I: His Favour

  1. Every time I think you have posted your “best”, you come back with another sequence that touches something else inside. I feel you are a genius and am grateful to read these verses in situ, so to speak. I try hard to be pragmatic and logical, you delicately push those aside so my romantic self can peep out and oft times, come out and embrace romance.

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