Haiku introductions are…

…interesting and fun to write. Particularly sequences. However, a month or two ago, I rediscovered, by way of another poetry blogger, the non syllabic form of haiku. This using 5 – 7 – 5 word count, rather than counting syllables. I have been favourably disposed to doing those, however of late have discovered yet another way to meld my love for sonnets with my interest in Haiku. The following, I believe, is the second such example I have used of this method:

While fascination, holding me aloft,
Contrived to make all people witness this
One miracle, its secrets introduce.

Note that the preceding lines conform to the 5-7-5,”word count” form of haiku, note also that the rhythm of each line is iambic pentameter. Each, regardless of the number of words contained, consist of 10 syllables grouped in “iambs” (first beat, weak or feminine, second beat strong, or masculine) of two syllables each.

This, I find, is a wonderful way to combine two most favoured forms. Expect to see more haiku of this type. I enjoy the challenge they present.

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