This was all about an experiment to see how haiku and sonnets would synchronize. This was very enjoyable, but certainly took quite more time than normal. Although it wasn’t as painful as some, because I constructed it in steps. What follows is the evolution of the project over six steps.  I have redone the dates on the blog entries so they scroll down the page, in much the same way as I make sure the intro is above each sonnet and not below it.  I think I may start doing that with sequences as well.  But not until tomorrow!

One Note:

Iambic pentameter, Sonnet form and Haiku form:

One Haiku has 17 syllables; 17 is a prime number. Sonnets have 140 syllables (in 14 lines) 140 has three prime factors: 2, 5, and 7. Therefore 8 Haiku will fit into a sonnet, but not evenly. There will be a remainder of 4 syllables. Due to 17 having no smaller factors than 17, (excluding 1) and certainly no common factors with 140 The only even occurrences of iambic pentameter (which has 10 syllables per line) with Haiku form will be in multiples of 170. Or every 17 lines of iambic pentameter. So a seventeen line sonnetesque creation could contain exactly 10 haiku. I may just write one of those; but not until I recover from this most recent exercise. Not exactly a sonnet, but similar, with three extra lines; Three quatrains with a quintet on or about the Volta, perhaps. Or even 4 quatrains and one solitary line, either not rhyming at all, or perhaps picking some ending in the last quatrain to rhyme.

  1. Step 1 was done first,
  2. Then reformatted as step 2
  3. Next I copied 1 and 2 to 3 and 4 respectively.
  4. After that, I pretty much had the two adjacent steps up at the same time in window, side by side.
  5. Next I removed the hyphenated words from both versions, taking care to make the same modifications to both.
  6. After that, copying both 3 and 4 to 5 and 6, I started adding the main rhyme scheme.  I didn’t preserve steps for that, although I probably have some revision history I could dig up, but I’ve worked enough on this one already.
  7. Then it was about changing words for better flow and internal rhymes as a way to tie it all more closely together.
  8. I usually revisit all my sonnets after at least one sleep period, and make a few changes and try to catch errors.  (I’m not the most observant editor, though, so it takes me a few cracks at it to find errors.  And in the meantime, A few word changes will occur to me as I’m doing this.

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