I think I really must merge all my blogs into one.

I say this because of the follow I received from the reference below.  And… because I feel it might make more sense in a logical and procedural way.

Considering the nature of my own site, this offering was most enjoyed. Although… I confess I feel most able to express myself in the strictest of forms such that I do not mind at all burdening such a form with additional constraints. You must judge for yourself if my words are elucidative or obfuscatory.

A word, then two, a fountain like a stream…

This is #5 in a sequence of seven (so far) oddly germane to this post of yours, which I very much enjoyed.
#6 of the same sequence features even more constraints as well as a generous helping of metaphor (given that my background is in the hard sciences) to which perusal of the entire sequence might offer some small illumination.

Of these seven, five are, as is the one above, in the (English version of the) Italian style, #4, as is yours above, in the Shakespearean style, and the one I mention, #6, is in a form which I call “reverse Spenserian,” a form of my own devising–although I may well not be the first to invent such a form. In any case, I have found that most sonnet forms reverse well, although in some cases, one needs to expand ones definition of reversal for such a thing to work.

via How Do You Sonnet? | The Poetry Question.

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